Project Description

FTS LED Under-barrel Flashlight

  • Designed for detection and illumination of a target during shooting in night conditions as well as in conditions of limited visibility
  • Can cause temporary blindness of an opponent during close combat
  • Mounted on AK (Kalashnikov) rifles of all the modifications as well as on other types of automatic small arms by means of adaptor brackets
  • Effective range – 250 m
  • Divergence of focused light flux – not more than 11 ang. deg.
  • Supply voltage – 3.7 V
  • Power source – 18650 lithium rechargeable battery
  • Continuous operation time without replacement of the battery (in turbo-mode) – not less than 90 minutes
  • Connection size (diameter) – 24.5 mm
  • Overall dimension (without remote switch) – not more than Ø47×160 mm
  • Weight – not more than 0.3 kg