Project Description

GS-2R Universal Day-Night Sight

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for RPG-32 (“Nashab”), RPG-29, RPG-7, SPG-9 and other types of anti-tank launchers
  • Built-in ballistic computer
  • Built-in eye-safe laser rangefinder (up to 1000 meters) and mobile aiming mark operated by the built-in ballistic computer
  • Automatic calculation of the aiming angle according to range, environmental temperature and type of ammunition
  • 24-hour observation of targets and environment
  • Clip-on night vision attachment (NVA) is based on generation 2+ or 3 image intensifier tube
  • Resistance to shocks and vibrations in accordance with system of military standards
  • Durable to meteorological precipitation, decreased atmospheric pressure, immersion into the water

Technical Data

  • Visible magnification of the optical channel – 3x
  • Field of view – 16,5º
  • Diopter adjustment range of the ocular – ±4 dptr.
  • Visible magnification of the NVA – 1x
  • Operating temperature range of the sight – -40…+50ºC
  • Power source:
  • sight – 4 x AA type
  • NVA – 1xAA type
  • Weight:
  • sight – 2,5 kg
  • NVA – 0,6 kg