Project Description

Hand-held Anti-tank Grenade Launchers Shooting Simulator

The simulator is designed for increasing skills of precise shooting from hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers (RPG-7, RPG-29, RPG-32, AT-4 type and others), as well as SPG-9, equipped with standard aiming devices in conditions of training rooms by imitating shots and with the subsequent visual control of shooting precision.

The simulator is a software-hardware complex for creation on the projection screen the following:

  • 3-D visual interactive image of the terrain and objects on it;
  • imitation of various natural illumination conditions (time) and weather conditions;
  • imitation of various visual and sound effects like flashes, explosions, shots, smoke and etc.;
  • behavioral scenarios of objects-targets of armaments reproduced close to real proportions and design;
  • imitation of shots from the grenade launcher with the subsequent visual control of hitting the target by the grenade.

The simulator includes computer which is designed for generating output video and audio signals as well as for gathering the data and print-out of the results of training. Display of the environmental situation is realized via the projection device and the screen which is located in front of the trainee at a certain distance.

The instructor controls the operation of the simulator via control computer display, keyboard and PC-mouse.

The instructor gives the task to the trainee, selects the exercise, sets its parameters and launches the mission via the means of the instructor’s work-place.

The trainee in accordance with the command of the instructor operates with dummy or combat weapon or a weight-dimensional model taking to consideration the peculiarities of the simulated environment, makes imitational shot, observes ballistic flight of the grenade on the projection and controls hitting the target.

The simulator ensures the solution for the following training tasks:

  • learning and increasing shooting skills on both stationary and moving land and air targets;
  • control of correctness and techniques of weapon aiming;
  • finding out and correction of the mistakes in performing separate actions during aiming and conducting the shot on the whole.