Project Description

IRIL-1000M Infrared Projector

IRIL-1000M infrared projector is designed for long distances and enables target pointing and marking of a target for ground troops and for air forces, for example for sending signals and calling in airstrikes: the beam of the projector can be recognized from air on distances up to several tens of kilometers

Another field of application is counter action against night vision devices of the opponents.


  • Radiation wavelength – 810±10 nm
  • Mode of radiation – continuous, pulse
  • Output power of continuous laser radiation (2 levels) – 450 mW / 850 mW
  • Power source – four alkaline batteries of AA type with rated voltage of 1.5 V – commercially available
  • Mounting place on a weapon – Picatinny rail MIL-STD1913 type
  • Overall dimensions – 235х75х55 mm
  • Weight – 0.85 kg
  • Methods of switching on – 1) switch; 2) remote control (contact device)