Project Description

LAD-18 Laser aiming device

Radiation wavelength 850±10 nm
Radiation output power (2 levels) 0,1; 0,005 mW
Radiation divergence 0,5-0,6 mrad
Spot size depending on distance 25 mm/50 m; 50 mm/100 m
Adjustment range by azimuth and elevation ± 20 mrad (± 1o7/)
Adjustment step 50 mm at the distance of 100 m)
Accuracy of adjustment after 1000 shots 0.5 mrad
Accuracy of adjustment after the LAD has been remounted on Picatinny rail 100 times 1 mrad
Supply voltage 3 V
Current consumption, not more than 5 mA
Battery CR123A type, nominal voltage 3 V
Continuous operation without battery change, not less than 30 hours
Mounting place on the weapon Picatinny rail
Overall dimensions (length, width, height), not more than: 113х45х33 mm
Weight, not more than 250 g
Operating temperature range, °C -40…+60