Project Description

LAD-22 TG Laser Module

LAD-22 TG Module is intended for prompt aiming in day and night conditions.

Laser emission Class IIIb
Distance Day channel – 50m; IR channel – 2000m
Aimers Illuminator
Visible Infrared
Power of laser emission

H mode, not less than

L mode, not more than



not less than 4 mW


20 mW

1 mW



25 mW

2 mW


Radiation wavelength 532±10 nm (830…860) nm (830…860) nm
Beam divergence 0.5 mrad.  from  2.8 to 105 mrad. 
Power source CR123 batter, nominal voltage – 3V
Weight not more than 300 grams
Overall dimensions (length, width, height) not more than 105x75x55 mm