Project Description

MLD-600/MLD-1000 Laser Rangefinder Module

The module is designed for distance measurement to spatially distant objects with reflecting surface or equipped with light angular reflector.

The module is used as a distance-measuring device in structure of various systems of both military and paramilitary, civil purposes for observation and control of position of an object.

  • Radiation wavelength – 905±10 nm
  • Error of distance measurement – ±1 m (±3 m by corner reflector)
  • Range of measured distances – from 20 m to 1000 m
  • Power source – external DC source with the voltage of 6+0.5 V
  • Type of mount – Picatinny standard
  • Interface for data exchange and remote control – RS-485
  • Overall dimensions – 109х76х46 mm
  • Weight – 35 kg
  • Operating temperature range – from minus 30 to plus 55 °С