Project Description

Night Vision Goggles (Binoculars) NV/G-10M


  • Observation and terrain orientation under natural night illumination
  • Reading, driving, rendering medical aid etc., when operating as well under low illumination conditions as in complete darkness
  • Aiming of small arms in combination with IR laser pointer or collimator sight
  • Use as handheld binocular with accessory objective lens for increasing magnification and range of vision


Focal length, mm 26 100
Aperture of the lens 1:1.4 1:1.5
Magnification, power 1 4,2 *
Angular field of view at 12 mm eye-relief 40° 10°
Focus range, m 0.25 to ¥ 5.0 to ¥
Diopter adjustment range, dptr – 4 to +4
Interpupillary distance, mm 58 to 72
Supply voltage 2 х1,5 V (two batteries of AA size). Compatible with rechargeable batteries
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 160х130х90 273х130х90
Weight (without batteries and mask), not more, kg 0,66 1,19

* 3x, 4x or 5x magnifying lenses are being supplied by request