Project Description

NV/G-16 Night Vision Goggles

 NV/G-16 Night Vision Goggles is a light-weight head-mounted (face-mask or helmet) opto-electronic night vision system which is designed for surveillance and orientation at night, for performance of different kinds of work (medical aid, reading, vehicles driving etc ) in low illumination conditions and can be used in combination with IR laser aiming devices or red-dot sights for precise pointing of small arms.


Image Intensifier Tube Super Gen 2+ I I Tube
Tube resolution, not less than 56 lp/mm
Angular field of view 30°
Focusing range 0.25 m to infinity
Interpupillary distance 65 mm
Diopter adjustment range from -4 to +4 dptr.
Power source AA type batteries (commercially available)
Overall dimensions, not more than 180x125x80 mm
Weight, not more 0.45 kg
Temperature range (operation) from -30 to +50 оС
Temperature range (storage) from -30 to +60 оС