Project Description

RSP-2W Reflex (Red-dot) Sight Periscopic

  • Enables direct aimed firing, as well as aiming from behind horizontal and vertical protective hides (edges of trenches, corners of buildings, windowsills, branches of trees, stones, etc.)
  • Created on the base of serially produced PK-01VP Reflex (red-dot) Sight
  • Parallax-free
  • Easy and fast zeroing of a weapon (the iron sight of a weapon is within sight’s field of view)
  • Possibility of shooting under night conditions in combination with night vision goggles NV/G-14 type, night vision monoculars NV/M-19 type
  • Aluminum hermetical body, filled with dry nitrogen
  • Visible magnification – 1х
  • Number of aiming mark brightness gradations– 8
  • Elevation and azimuth adjustment range – not less than ±1°
  • Rotation angle of the ocular attachment – 360°
  • Angle between main and side optical channels – 45°
  • Power source – one alkaline battery or rechargeable battery of AA type with rated voltage of 1.5 V (1.2 V) – commercially available
  • Continuous operation time without replacement of the battery – not less than 400 hours
  • Overall dimensions:

– 213х173х70 mm (for weapon with «Picatinny» rail)

– 213x93x60 mm (for weapon with «dovetail» rail)

  • Weight, not more than:

– 0,6 kg (for weapon with «Picatinny» rail)

– 0,5 kg (for weapon with «dovetail» rail)

  • Operating temperature range – from minus 40 to plus 50 °С
  • Battery-low indication