Project Description

Sighting Complex for ZU-23-2


The sighting complex is designed to be used on anti-aircraft automatic sight ZAP-23 of 23-mm doubled anti-aircraft emplacement ZU-23-2. Operating temperature range of the complex is from –30 to +55°С.


is mounted on ZAP-23 instead of T-3 standard optical sight and is designed for aiming during shooting at ground targets.


is mounted on ZAP-23 instead KV-L optical left collimator and is used for aiming during anti-air shooting.


Technical Data

SIGHTMagnification                                               3.5x

F.O.V.                                                                 5°

Lens diameter, mm                                     17.5

Eye relief from the

last ocular surface, mm                                 50

Elevation and horizon

adjustment, not less than                        ±0-10

Range adjustment limits, m                   0–2000

Side adjustments limits                             ±0-10

Scale factor:

range scale, m                                                 100

side adjustments scale                                  0-01

Overall dimensions, mm                   175x61x61

Weight, kg                                                       0.26

COLLIMATORAngular value of the reticle ring radius                 0–50

Large rangefinder scale                                            0–10

Small rangefinder scale                                            0–05

Exit pupil diameter, mm, not less than                      30

Lens focusing, diopter                              from 0 to –0.1

Illumination power supply, V                                     2.5

Max. strength of current, A                                      0.05

Overall dimensions, mm                           116x117x133

Weight, kg                                                                    0.68