Project Description

TV/S 75 Thermal Vision Sight

  • Enable 24-hours observation of the environment and aiming
  • Effective for application on sniper rifles, machine guns, tripod-mounted grenade launchers
  • Can not be harmed by any light disturbances
  • Viewing ability is not affected seriously by rain, smoke, dust or fog
  • Mounted on Picatinny rail MIL STD 1913 or side guide rail (specified at the time of order)
  • Aiming reticles are adapted to weapon types as per Customer’s request. Ballistic corrections and adjustment of the reticle are realized electronically
  • The sights are equipped with connector for output of the video-signal observed in the ocular to external devices, as well as input of video-data from the external sources into the field of view. The sights may be equipped with a video capturing option
  • The sights are being powered from two rechargeable batteries of 18650 type
  • Minimal registered temperature difference – 0.04 К


Technical data

TV/S 75 TV/S 75M
Sensor format 384х288 640х480
Pixel size, mm 0,025 0,017
Visible magnification, х 3,6 3,1
Pixel angular size, mrad 0,33 0,23
Field of view 7,2х5,5° 8,2х6,5°
Detection range (person/auto) 2500 / 3750 3700/ 5500
Recognition range (person/auto) 850 / 1250  1250/ 1800
Spectral range, µm 8…14
Objective focal range, mm 75
Microdisplay type OLED, 800х600 pixels
Eye relief, mm 50
Fast imaging, Hz 25
Turn on time, с <6
Weight, kg, not more than 1,6
Operating temperature range from minus 40 to plus 50 ºС