Project Description

Viewing Device for Reconnaissance «Caponier»

The viewing device for reconnaissance includes thermal imaging, television (TV) and rangefinder channels as well as digital magnetic compass and GPS-receiver for ensuring full reconnaissance data acquisition.

Thermal Imaging Channel

Maximal detection distance of a person 2000 m
Maximal recognition distance of a person 1000 m
Field of view 5°х4°
Magnification 4х

TV Channel

Recognition range of a target (person) 1000 m
Field of view 1.5°÷40°(vario-objective)

Rangefinder Channel

Measurement range 50 m … 2 000 m
Error of distance measurement ±2 m
Laser radiation wavelength 905 nm / ±10нм

Physical Parameters

Weight of the device, not more 6.0 kg